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Where is Banner Plasticard's headquarters located?
Banner Plasticad's headquarters' is located at the Manggahan Industrial Park, Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig City.

What is Banner Plasticard's business hours?
Banner Plasticard operates from Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

How long has Banner Plasticard been in the industry?
Banner Plasticard has been incorporated in 1994 and is the first 100% Filipino-owned pioneering venture in card manufacturing

What type of cards does Banner Plasticard manufacture?
Banner Plasticard manufacture all types of cards from plastic - (PVC) to paper-based (C2S board) materials. In 2009 the company added decorative inks and coatings for gift cards (i.e. glow-in-the-dark, texture, soft-touch, scratch and sniff, thermo chromic, etc.) The following year biodegradable PVC cards and personalized scratch-off labels were added. And finally just last year, the company started offering lottery scratch-off tickets, lenticular cards, laser personalization and RFID tags to its growing list of offered products and services.


Does Banner Plasticard require a minimum order for its services?
No. Banner Plasticard quotes prices depending on exact required card quantity. But the average minimum order is 5,000 pieces for conventional printing, 200 per design for digital printing and 500,000 pieces for flexo-printing.

How fast does Banner Plasticard deliver its products?
For its digital printing, Banner Plasticard's delivery lead time is 2-3 weeks upon artwork approval. On the other hand, delivery lead time for conventional printing is 3-4 weeks upon receipt of purchase order (PO) and approved artwork. Depending on production volume, the company reserves the right to reduce delivery lead time accordingly.

How much does Banner Plasticard charge for its products/services?
Banner Plasticard has based its price list according to card specifications and order quantity. Only upon the provision of these requirements will the company be able to furnish a quotation.

Does Banner Plasticard have an existing management system in place?
Banner Plasticard is certified to ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO28000:2007 (Security Management System for the Supply Chain), guaranteeing customers the highest standards of service excellence.