Pioneer and Leading Card Manufacturer in the Philippines

As the pioneer and leader in card manufacturing, Banner Plasticard, Inc. is always committed to provide customer delight with our genuine commitment to security, quality, reliability, innovation and excellence in all of our card products and solutions.

About Us

Who We Are

In 1994 Banner Plasticard, Inc. was established as the first Filipino-owned card manufacturer in the Philippines, and throughout years of experience and dedication to make life easier, we have emerged as the market leader in financial technology, finance, telecommunications, transportation, and more in the local plastic card industry.

What We're Offering

Why Choose Banner Plasticard?

Choosing us means choosing a reliable partner dedicated to your success, providing innovative solutions, prioritizing your needs and offering exceptional customer service. We are ready to embark on a rewarding journey with you and help you achieve your goals.

Innovation & Quality

Set on bringing card solutions and innovations to the next level, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation, continuous improvement, and quality. By incorporating customer feedback, adhering to industry standards, and staying ahead of technology and market trends, we ensure that our products and services are innovative, reliable and of the highest quality.

Seal of Protection

Banner Plasticard is the only ISO 14298 – Central Bank Level certified in the country, the first company to be certified to ISO 28000 in the country, ISO 9001 certified since 2004, VISA/Mastercard certified and PCI/DSS compliant. We continually improve our production process and take no chances in risking our clients’ privacy and other matters of confidentiality.

Breakthrough Technology

We invest and acquire new machines with state-of-the-art technology to further enhance production turn-around time, cost competitiveness, product flexibility for high-volume projects and reshaping our industry.

Committed to Customer Needs

We are deeply committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers. We believe that putting the customer at the heart of everything we do is essential to building strong, long-lasting relationships that deliver exceptional value.

Our Products

There's a Card for Your Every Need

At Banner Plasticard, we offer a wide array of card solutions for just about any purpose or need.

EMV Cards

Banner Plasticard is certified by both Mastercard and VISA for both card manufacturing and card personalization. We are the trusted partner of major government and private banks as well as leading mobile wallet operators in the Philippines to handle their debit and/or credit cards.

Contactless Smart Cards/RFID Tags

We deliver a consistent antenna frequency that can work with you in bringing secure,reliable and fast transactions on our contactless smart cards and RFID tags. Their applications extend beyond payment systems, encompassing various industries that benefit from quick and secure access control, identification, and inventory management.

Prepaid Top-up Cards (Single,Twin,or Multi-PIN)

These simply are the scratch cards we see and use every day-mobile phone prepaid cards and other special security cards. Banner is proud to have delivered more than 3 billion scratch cards without issues of delays and duplicates.

Lottery Tickets

The lottery is a huge way of life. Our lottery tickets are covered with scratch-off ink and contain concealed combinations of information generated from our in-house gaming software.


Meet Our Customers

Our customers are at the core of our business, and their satisfaction and success are of utmost importance to us.

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