Card Manufacturing Staff / QA Staff

Assists Finishing Operators (TSL) in the production of quality collated/laminated sheets thru proper material handling; effective and efficient machine operation and maintenance of Tapelayer / Spotwelding/ Laminating machine.

Job Description

1. On job priorities and specific activities to be done in Finishing Section (TSL) 

2. Assists in receiving  materials such as substrates, overlays, magnetic stripes, prelam inlays, holograms including laminating plates and heat pads. 

3. Assists in collecting /gathering of printed/coated substrates from other section/conditioning/WIP room.

4. Reviews pertinent job documents, instruction and/or endorsements prior to machine operation to determine quantity to be processed, overlays / magnetic stripe / prelam inlay, specifications, card construction, type of finish and special instructions.

5. Assists in preparing necessary finishing supplies and materials needed in the production process.

6. Assists in checking machine condition before and after production run. Reports machine problem to Finishing Leadman (TSL) or Finishing Operator (TSL) in case of technical problem is detected

7. Assists in examining of magnetic stripe/overlay/laminating plates to be used or currently loaded or stacked in the machine and identified correctly.

8. Performs machine make-ready and general press operations with supervision of Finishing Leadman (TSL) or Finishing Operator (TSL).


    • Preheating of machine
    • Loading and unloading of overlay roll and magnetic stripe
    • Magnetic tape registration


    • Counting of core films subject for collation
    • Machine preheating
    • Machine parameters e.g. welding temperature, welding time, compressed air requirement, etc.
    • Optimum layout of materials on the table.
    • Correct orientation of overlays, especially with adhesive/ coating
    • Correct registration of front and back cores
    • Correct placement/registration of magnetic stripe and prelam inlays
    • Removal of visible fibers/dirt on the cores/overlay


    • Inspection of laminating plates, heat pads
    • Loading or unloading of cassettes to / from the machine
    • Correct placement / registration of magnetic stripe and prelam inlays
    • Stacking of laminated sheets

9. Examines applied magnetic stripe on the overlay, correct orientation of front and          company quality standard and informs the Finishing Leadman (TSL) or Finishing Operator (TSL) in case laminating parameters are to be adjusted.

10. Halts tapelaying / spotwelding / lamination process in case of quality defects or non- conformance and immediately notifies the Finishing Leadman (TSL or Finishing Operator(TSL).  

11. Assists in machine troubleshooting.

12.  Assists in accounting processed/unprocessed substrates including Test Run Sheets and defective sheets and properly labeling them.

13. Performs encoding/recording of job accomplishments every end of production with supervision of Finishing Leadman (TSL) or Finishing Operator (TSL)

14. Observe departmental and sectional procedures and work instruction.

15. Adheres to set Company Rules & Regulations, Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions, and all statutory and regulatory standards the Company adheres to, such as Occupational Safety & Health and 5S of Good Housekeeping, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Payment Cards Industry (PCI), Intergraf, Mastercard/CQM requirements, and other safety, quality and security standards that may be prescribed by the Company.

16. Participates in Quality Circle meeting in relation to the Total Quality Management program of the company.

17. Performs other tasks that may be assigned by the Finishing Leadman (TSL) and / or the EVP Operations.

Job Qualifications

  • Education – Jr. High School Graduate.
  • Work Experience – N/A
  • Skills – Keen attention to details.
  • Others – 20/20 vision and adequate color vision.